Thursday, July 18, 2024

New transgender law has Elon Musk fleeing California

What would inspire Elon Musk to post: “This is the final straw. Because of this law and the many others that preceded it, attacking...

SpaceX Launches

July 2024 Transformer of the Month: Brooke Weborg

This is how colleagues describe Brooke Weborg, machine learning data scientist and engineer at NASA. Weborg was nominated as Digital Transformer of the Month...

Amazon gears up for NASA satellite data relay demonstration

TAMPA, Fla. — Amazon is preparing to demonstrate data relay services for NASA in the spring using upcoming production satellites for its Project Kuiper...

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Maxar Intelligence unveils first images from next-generation WorldView Legion satellites

WASHINGTON — Maxar Intelligence, a provider of geospatial intelligence and Earth observation services, on July 18 released the first images from its WorldView Legion...

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Strange ‘garden sprinkler’ jets are erupting from a dead vampire star

Astronomers have imaged a strange S-shaped jet emerging from a neutron star for the first time ever. The weird emission suggests this dead star...

These are the cheapest binocular deals you can buy on the last day of Prime Day

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary it's all hands on deck here at to find the best binocular deals still available to snap...

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ episode 8: How open-ended is the conclusion?

The twisty mystery of season 1 of The Acolyte wasn't a 'whodunit' after all, but focused on why the murders were happening instead.While the...

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OODA is certainly no stranger to designing unusual buildings, however its latest project ramps up the ambition considerably. Named Bond Tower, it takes the...

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